My favorite moment was when Savannah and her sister sang, "when I win you win" together. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Kristina T.


I liked the dance contest.  That was my favorite moment!


I love watching Hip Hop Harry because he teaches my son how fun it is to learn.
Chad Peterson


Hey hip hop harry I love your show I like all of them.  I am 14 and I love your show!
Ranisha Brown


My favorite moment on Hip Hop Harry was fitness fun day. Fitness fun day is my favorite moment because you get to move around and exercise.


My favorite moment on hip hop Harry is the get involved because it talks about talents and how you can find your own talent, like Veronica did. I was so sad at first because she couldn’t find her talent but then she did, so that is why get involved is my favorite one.


My favorite moment is the hip hop Harry song before he starts the dance circle



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